FinnDome was founded in 2018 in Ruosniemi, located about 5 minutes drive from the center of Pori. FinnDome wants to enable a comfortable but different overnight experience for those visiting and living in Pori. The company was founded by Krista Laine and Heidi Korhonen, but Krista and Nathalie Liimatta currently work in the company.

At FinnDomes, you sleep mainly in tents called domes or bubbles, from which you can see all the way through. This allows you to relax in a warm bed while looking at the scenery and the stars. The domes are designed for two people, but there is room for more with extra beds.

The kitchen area of ​​the campsite is a cozy place to eat or just relax. The fridge keeps the necessary snacks cool, and the microwave or grill makes it convenient to warm up the food. FinnDome also has its own sauna, which guests can use to wash and warm up after, for example, a forest trip or swim in the lake.

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